Billiards Buddy

Effortless Billiards Scorekeeping

Is your opponent on three fouls? Did you tell him? Billiards Buddy will make sure you do.

Who won that game last week? Use Billiards Buddy to keep track.

Coming soon, Billiards Buddy Table Layout. A table diagramming tool for iPhone and iPad. Don't just remember your scores, remember exactly where the balls were!

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Available for iPhone and iPad - Contains icons from Glypish

  • Eight Ball Scorekeeper
  • 14.1 Scorekeeper
  • Three Cushion Scorekeeper
  • Game Statistics
  • “ This app gets five stars, and I applaud the developer for providing what the sport has needed for years - a way to accurately score a game and provide stats. "

    -Don Montalvo, TX
  • “ Excellent, you did a great job on this. It's very easy to use and I am looking forward to your future versions. ”

    -Chris Dryden
  • “ I have just started using this app in our straight pool leagues and it is great. Easy to see, easy to use. ”

    -Dennis Walsh
  • " It is great not having to keep track of your runs during a game. It's also humbling to realize just how many innings it takes me to get through a game... Billiards Buddy is well worth the money. " -TSW @ AZBilliards

Detailed Statistics

Billiards Buddy keeps track of all your statistics. If you are a straight pool or three cushion player, you will now know exactly what your average run is. Coming Soon: If you are an eight or nine ball player, you will know your break and run percentage. No lying to yourself!


No Mistakes

Do you want to let your opponent off the hook when he's on three fouls? Billiards Buddy won't let you forget to remind him. Now that you've got him, should your opponent subtract 15 balls, or 16? We've got you covered. (And it's 16. One for the new foul, and 15 for three fouls!)


Table Layout

Coming Soon! With the new Billiards Buddy Table Layout app, you can visualize games on your iPhone or iPad. Drag balls into position. Double tap a ball to create a new ghost ball to drag. Triple tap to delete. You can also tap the balls in the menu to select them. Tap repeatedly to select ghost balls.